Lightweight A/B & split testing software

Start experimenting within minutes. Better conversion rates are just a few clicks away.

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How it works

Start testing your website copy in less than 5 minutes.

1. Provide a URL

Provide a URL of a page that contains the text element you want to test. Cline will fetch the text elements from the page.

2. Create experiment

Select the text element you want to test. You can select one text element per experiment. You can always create more experiments if you want to test multiple text elements on the same page.

3. Install tracking script

Install the Cline script on your website between the opening <head> and closing </head> tags. This will allow Cline to serve the different variants to your visitors. Alternatively, you can connect a Webflow site with just a few clicks.

4. Add variants

Utilize generative AI to quickly generate five variants at a time based on your original text. Variants can also be created manually or edited after generation.

5. Start experiment

Set a conversion goal before starting your experiment to track success directly from the experiment page. Once you've created more than one variant, Cline will begin serving them to your visitors, allowing you to monitor and analyze how each variant influences the achievement of your conversion goal.


Connecting to your favorite tool is easy. More integrations on the way.

  • webflow


    Build with the power of code — without writing any

  • framer


    Supercharge your business site

  • wordpress


    The worlds most popular CMS

  • shopify


    Headless, composable storefronts

Why Cline?

Most A/B testing tools today are overly complex. Cline offers a user-friendly experience without the need for training or any prior experience. Empower your marketing team to iterate and optimize with ease and efficiency.

  • Tailored recommendations

    Say goodbye to generic suggestions. Cline analyzes your site's unique context, offering tailored copy variants primed for optimal engagement and conversion.

  • Quick and easy to integrate

    Paste a couple lines of code into your website's HTML, and Cline seamlessly integrates, ready to supercharge your copy.

  • Lightweight script

    Our under-8KB tracking script ensures top-notch site performance, setting us apart from slower A/B testing tools. Keep your website lightning-fast.

  • GDPR ready

    We do not store any personal data. We only store the data that is necessary to run the experiments.

  • No-code integrations

    We are focused on making Cline the best-in-class no-code A/B testing tool. We will be adding more integrations soon.

  • A/B testing on easy mode

    Designed for marketers, not engineers. No need to write code or learn a new tool.